Gluten Free Red Pepper and Ricotta Spaghetti

This has become one of my favourite weeknight pastas! It is super quick and fairly easy to make but absolutely does not compromise on flavour.

It is also a great dish to make for guests as it can easily be scaled up and there isn’t too much chopping to do.

This recipe serves 2

Patricia’s Scrambled Eggs

This recipe is an at-home version of my favourite dish from Patricia’s Coffee Bar in Glasgow’s southside (somewhere I recommend everyone should go). The cafĂ© no longer has the item on their menu so I just had to make it for myself.

The dish is essential toast topped with caramelised onions, soft cheesy scrambled eggs and crispy kale.

This recipe serves 2 but is easily scaled up.

Gluten Free Salt and Chilli Chicken

Ingredients Method KIKKOMAN Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce 1000 ml About This Recipe Getting a gluten free Chinese takeaway can be very tricky as soy sauce is in most of the dishes. Salt and pepper chicken is definitely an iconic dish to get from a Chinese takeaway in the UK, and unsurprisingly as it isContinue reading “Gluten Free Salt and Chilli Chicken”

Gluten Free Beef Wellington

This iconic British dish known to be Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish is an absolute showstopper. This recipe makes the best gluten free beef Wellington with a delicious herby duxelles. This is a great dish for a dinner party as much of it can be prepared in advance.