Gluten Free Tan Tan Ramen

Tan tan ramen is a Japanese dish that consists of a creamy broth flavoured with a sesame tare and topped with spicy pork and chilli oil. For all of us gluten free folk, ramen noodles are a no go and we have to stick generally to rice noodles and soba noodles. This recipe is a gluten free take on the traditional tan tan ramen. It’s so delicious and satisfying, you’ve got to try it!

Gluten Free Chinese Style Braised Pork Belly

This recipe creates a delicious Chinese braised pork belly. The pork is braised in a liquid of fragrant spices, aromatics, soy sauce, sugar etc. it creates a braised pork in brown sauce that is slightly sweet with a deep umami flavour. This dish is perfect served on a bed of rice with a side of pak choi.

Gluten Free Vietnamese Inspired Sticky Pork

This is a delicious gluten free dish inspired by caramelised flavours of the Vietnamese dish cá kho tộ. It is a delicious sweet and sticky pork dish with a medium heat (though this can be adjusted) that is perfect for a weeknight meal or even a dinner party! It is easily veganisable.