Autumn Treats

Autumn Treats

The weather is getting colder and autumn is here! This season get cosy and cook up lots of delicious goodies to enjoy snuggled up on the sofa.

This is a selection of seasonal recipes that are perfect to cook/bake on a cozy fall day.

Soup season is here! This autumn enjoy this delicious, quick and easy roasted tomato and garlic soup. It is totally vegan and yet somehow so creamy without the addition of any milk or cream!

Although tomatoes are no longer in season and they are not as flavoursome eaten raw as they were in summer, roasting them really brings the flavours to life.

These gluten free poached pear pancakes are one of my favourite fall brunches. The pancakes are so light and fluffy with a delicious spice that goes so well with the pears. The pears are poached in a delicious sweetened spiced rum (don’t worry the rum will cook off, so you won’t be going to work drunk.)

Everyone loves pancakes so why not give these ones a go this autumn! They really will knock your socks off with how good they are!

Autumn and winter are the seasons for comfort food, and what’s more of a classic comfort food than bolognese (i.e. tagliatelle al ragu)? This autumn cook up a storm the Italian way with this traditional bolognese. The whole family will love it!

It is an utterly satisfying dish that will definitely keep you warm and cosy this autumn.

Apple crumble. Who doesn’t love it? Autumn is apple season and what better way to make them shine than with a lovely buttery spiced apple crumble.

Apple crumble is actually so easy to make and this gluten free version is so delicious! I like to serve it hot, with a dollop of chantilly cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

We’ve seen pumpkin and sage ravioli, and squash and sage ravioli; but what about parsnip and sage ravioli? These gluten free parsnip, sage and ricotta ravioli are unexpected but utterly delicious.

Autumn has so many great seasonal vegetables and parsnips are often overlooked. However, they are so yummy and I love to cook with them. If you don’t like parsnips try out this recipe and your mind may be changed.

As soon as autumn hits the first thing I want to do is bake something that is full of delicious cinnamon flavour. These gluten free cinnamon rolls are so delicious.

They have a delicious buttery enriched dough, they are filled with a sweet cinnamon sugar and they have a shiny vanilla butter glaze.

Who doesn’t love a delicious buttery pie crust in the colder months? This gluten free flaky pie crust recipe is perfect for all of your autumn pie baking goals. It can be adapted for both sweet and savoury pies.

It’s golden flaky and buttery. It would be perfect for a chicken pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie or even a steak and kidney pie. This is an essential recipe in my kitchen!

Pumpkin pie is definitely a classic American fall dessert. This is a fun take on the classic dish. These are little individual pumpkin tartlets with a hard caramel topping and a sprinkling of flaky salt.

The rich caramel flavour complements the sweet and spicy pumpkin filling so well. Being Scottish, pumpkin pie is definitely not something I have had very much of but these are definitely something I will make many times again!

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